Our recent harvest in December 2015 has been much better than the previous, failed one at the end of 2014.  However, as both we and our neighbouring olive groves in Immoglie had no oil to speak of last year, we have decided to hold onto our limited stocks this year, for our own use and for that of family and friends. We will therefore NOT be bottling nor selling olive oil again this year but hope we will be back to normal next year and so hope to resume olive oil sales in 2017.

Both we at Haworth’s and our neighbours in the village have all been taking advantage of the low yields over the last 2 years, and have ruthlessly pruned back our trees which in itself meant less oil this last harvest but by doing this harsh pruning, we hope that next year’s harvest will be much better, depending upon this summer’s sun – and hopefully not too much rain.

In Puglia, their ‘ pruning’ was cutting down trees completely and burning them all, to arrest the spread of the bacteria Xylella fastidiosa – which was the reason for the decimation of their harvest and for which there is no cure.  So in comparison we are lucky that our lack of oil was due solely to mild and wet weather conditions and to the resultant ‘olive fly’ (Dacus oleae) which we hope will not re-occur as long as the weather conditions this summer are back to normal – high heat and less rain.

To all our followers we are grateful for your messages of support and for your good wishes and we apologise for not being able to fulfill your orders again this year. Let’s hope we can get back to normal next year and re-commence supplying your usual annual requirements for the best Extra Virgin, 100% Italian Olive Oil money can buy and from your chosen supplier – Haworth’s – from our area of Immoglie in the mountains of Central Italy.

J Alan Haworth